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The 1788 - 1820 Pioneer Association Inc. is a research organisation formed to record and publicise the history of those who arrived in Australia between 26 January 1788 and 31 December 1820 and to unite the descendants of those pioneers. In 2010 the Association embarked on the following 12 year project to assist anyone wishing to research the lives of  pioneers living during the Macquarie Era, i.e.  1 January 1810 to 12 February 1822.  This site is in its initial development, if you would like to assist and have your pioneer/s included in this project please forwarded your information in the format recommended below to the Association by email:   

Recommended Format, if possible in an A4 document fully compatible with Word 97-2003.

Born: date and location:
Arrived Sydney:

Status:  convict or came free or born in colony;

Married: who, date and location;
Died: date and location;
Buried: date and location;
Profile:  Life story, especially during the Macquarie era.
Reference: Source of information.

The Association acknowledges with appreciation the $4,000 received from the City of Sydney's Local Community Grants Program 2010/2011 for the purchase of IT equipment.


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"The People in the Life and Times of Lachlan & Elizabeth Macquarie Online Index” is an endorsed Macquarie 2010 Bicentenary Project initiative of  The 1788 - 1820 Pioneer Association Inc. 

To celebrate the Macquarie era the Association’s 12 year project will create an online index, profile and bibliography of the people (pioneers) living during the twelve years of the Macquarie era.  This project is very broadly based and it aims to identify as many as possible  the pioneers living during the Macquarie era, to identify original resource material relating to these individuals and thence develop an online bibliography.  Where possible, from the bibliography, provide a link to the life story of each of the pioneers identified.

In his book “Colonial Australia before 1850”, Brian Fletcher reports the population in the Colony as being 10,452 in 1810 and estimated 23,939 in 1820. Because the 1820 muster was incorrectly taken, the total for that year is an approximation.  During this period Elizabeth and Lachlan Macquarie would have had a profound influence on the lives of many of our settlers. Identifying where these pioneers first settled in the colony, their occupation, family status and life story, if they relocated; when, where and why, especially if they relocated to a Macquarie Town.  

A considerable number of these life stories have already been written and are presently hidden away in the archives of  family history and heritage associations, municipal, city, shire, state libraries and the Australian National Library. However, the next 12 years of the Macquarie era provides an excellent opportunity to motivate the many researches in these organizations to discover, and/or rediscover  the interesting facets of our pioneers' lives and ensure that history is available to all Australians via the The People in the Life and Times of Lachlan & Elizabeth Macquarie Online Index”  project.

Please Note: The 1788 - 1820 Pioneer Association Inc. is not responsible for the accuracy of any pioneer lifestories and/or dates published on this website, readers researching individual pioneers are advised to check for themselves original resource material.

To access the profile of each individual pioneer, click on the name highlighted below in the Macquarie Era Pioneer Index.

Latest update:  20th January 2015.    Number indexed: 845.


Alexander Abel   ATemplet   Benjamin Abel   Benjamin Abel (2)   Cain Abel   George Abel   Grace Abel   Henry Abel   Isabella Abel   James Abel   Mary Abel   Rebecca Abel   Robert Abel   Sarah Abel   Thomas Abel  William Abel   William Abel Junior   Elizabeth Able   Francis Able   Mary Abraham   William G Abraham   Rosanna Abrahams   Sarah Acton   Thomas Acton   Thomas Acton (2)   John Adams   Henry Adcock    Mary A Adcock   William Addy   Catherine Akers   Mary Ann Acres/Akers   Thomas Acres/Akers      Thomas Acres (2)   Sophia Acres   Eliza Adams   Charles Adams   Hugh Adams   James Adams  Mary Adams   Thomas Adams   William Adams   Ann Agan   Elizabeth Aikin   Esther Aikin   Frances Aikin   James Aikin   John Aikin   John Aikin (2)   Maria Aikin   William Aikin   Andrew Allan   David Allan  David Hendrie Allan   Erskine Johnston Allan   George Octavius Allan   Henry Blair Watson Allan   John McMahon Allan  Marie Antoinette Allan  Robert Innes Allan  Sophia Allan  William Osborne Allan  Ann Allen   Daniel Allen  Elizabeth Allen   John Allen   Thomas Allen   Ann Allmon   Daniel Allmon   Elizabeth Allmon   Mary Allmon   Selena Allmon   William Allmon   Francis Allsop/Allsopp/Alsop   Catherine Ambrose   Thomas Ambrose  Thomas Ambrose (2)   Joseph Anderson   Charles Armytage/Armitage   Henry Ashbury   Thomas Ashbury   Benjamin Ashby   Elizabeth Ashby   John Ashby   Mary Ashby   Thomas Ashby   William Ashby  John Ashcroft  John Ashcroft jnr  Thomas Ashcroft  James Atkinson   Susannah Bambrick   Richard Bankin   Ann Banks   Jane Banks  Georgina Barrington   Elizabeth Bartlett Ann Bates   James Bates   Lydia Bates  Maria Bates   Nathaniel Bates   Thomas Bates   William Bates   Ann Batman   Henry Batman   Charles Batman  John Batman  Margaret S Batman   Mary A Batman  Robert Batman  William Batman jnr  William Batman snr  Elizabeth Bayley  Edward Baylis  John Baylis  John T Baylis  John Thomas or Bayliss  Joseph Baylis jnr  Samuel Baylis  William Thomas or Baylis  Augusta Bayly  Caroline Bayly  Charles Bayly  Edward Bayly   Elizabeth Bayly/Eastwood  Frances Bayly  George Bayly  Helen Maria Bayly  Henry Bayly  Nicholas Bayly  Nicholas Bayly snr  Sarah E M Bayly   Ann Bean  Charles Bean  Elizabeth Bean  Elizabeth Bean 2  Elizabeth Bean 3  George Thomas Bean   James Bean  James Bean 2  James Thomas John Bean jnr   Rosetta Bean  William Bean  William Bean snr  Mary Becket   William Bellamy   Esther Best  George Best snr  John Best  Mary Ann Best  Peter Best  Robert H Best  Sarah Best  Thomas Best snr   Billy Blue   Charlotte Bogg   Eliza Bogg   Elizabeth Bogg   Robert Bogg  Alexander Books  Caroline Bolton   George Bowerman   George Bowerman (2)   Solomon Bowerman   Robert Bowie   James Bowler   Samuel Bowler   Sarah Bowler   John Boys  James Charles Brackenreg  Sarah Brackenreg  Elizabeth Bray  Elizabeth Bray 2  John Bray  John Bray 2  Mary Bray  Thomas Bray  Thomas Bray snr  Catherine Brien   Clara Brien   Daniel Brien   Daniel BrienSnr   Elizabeth Brien  Mary Ann Brien  Timothy Brien  Sarah Brimley or Bromley   Jane Britten   Joshua Britten   William Britten    William Britten Junior   Sarah Britten   William Bryan   Anne Byrnes  David Byrnes    Catherine Byrnes   Esther Byrnes   James Byrnes   John Byrnes   Ann Buckley   Elizabeth Buckley   George Buckley   James Buckley   Jane Buckley   Mary Buckley   Sarah Buckley   William Buckley   Thomas Burke   William Bursill  Walter Butler   Patrick Carley/Carberry   Mary Carrol   Elizabeth Carter   Elizabeth Cavanagh   Mary Chadderton   William Chalker/Charker  Martha Chamberlain     Elizabeth Chaffrey/Shaffrey   Elizabeth Champion  Mary Ann Champion   John Champion   John Champion Junior   Thomas Cheshire  James Chilvers  William D Christopher   George Clark   Richard Clarke  Isabella Clarkson   Samuel Clift   Charlotte Cobcroft     Eliza Cobcroft   Elizabeth Cobcroft   James Cobcroft   John Cobcroft snr   John Cobcroft   Joseph Cobcroft   Matilda Cobcroft   Richard W Cobcroft   Sarah Cobcroft   Susannah Cobcroft   William John Cobcroft   Joseph Cobson/Copson  Sarah Coleman   George Colless   William Colless  Celia Collins   Mary Connor   William Thomas Cook  Peter Cooke   William Cooke   Jane Cowling/Cooling   William Coombs   Robert Edward Cooper    Abraham Cornwell     William Cox   John Coyne   Sarah Cracknell  Enoch Crew   Robert Cribb  Ann Craft  Mary Crew   John Croaker    Alexander Cross   Ann Cross  Elizabeth Cross  Jane Cross  John Cross snr  Mary A Cross  Mary Ann Cross or Stallard  Sarah Cross  Sophia Cross  Thomas Cross  William Cross   Isaac Crump/Crumpton   Thomas Crump/Crumpton   Martha Cutler  William J Cutler or Maund Alexander Curry   Eleanor Davis  George Cooper Davis   George Davis   James Davis   John Davis   Joseph Davis   Joseph Davis (2)   Mary Ann Davis   Robert Davis  Mary Davison   Elizabeth Dean  Susannah Dean/Evans  Catherine Delaney   Catherine Delaney/Green  Charles Delaney  James Delaney   John Delaney   John Delaney/Green   Thomas Delaney/Green   Nicholas Delaney  Mary Devine  Frederick Horatio Dixon   Isaac Dole  Robert Douglas   James Doyle  Daniel Drake  Mary Ann Drake   Sarah Drake   Susan Drake   Ann Duff  Eliza Duff   Elizabeth Duff   James Duff  Peter Duff   Mary Duggan  Ann Dunn  Edward Dunn  Elizabeth Dunn   Eleanor Dunn  Margaret Dunn  Richard Dunn  Sarah Dunn   Thomas Dunn  Thomas Dunn jnr   Ann Dyer   Henry Early jnr  Henry Early snr   John Eastwood jnr alias Bayly or Bailey  John Eastwood snr   Ann Eather  Charles Eather  Charlotte Eather or Lee  James Eather  John Eather  Rachael Eather  Robert Eather  Thomas Eather jnr  Thomas Eather or Heather   Ann Eaton  John Eaton  Martha Eaton  Mary Eaton  Susannah Eaton  William Eaton   Elizabeth Eckford   Henry Eckford   James Eckford  Jane Eckford  John Eckford  Joseph Eckford  Mary Anne Eckford  William Eckford snr  William Eckford   Ann Edwards  Thomas Egan or Hagan    Eleanor Emmett   Jane England  Mary Ann England  Thomas H English  William English  Mary Enness  Ann Entwistle  Maria Entwistle or Rafter  William Entwistle or Rafter  Elizabeth Erridge  Maria Erwin   Catherine Eustace    Jane Eustace   Charles Evans   Elizabeth Evans  Harriet Evans   James Evans  James Evans jnr   John Evans  Mary Evans 1  Mary Evans 2  Thomas Evans  William Evans   John Everett   Edward Ewer   Alfred Eyre   Eliza M S Eyre  John Eyre  William Ezzey  Lucy Ezzy   Elizabeth Fairweather  Jane Fairweather  John Fairweather  Rowland Fairweather jnr  Rowland Fairweather snr  Alice Faithful  George Faithful  Robert Faithful  William Faithful snr  William Pitt Faithful   Ann Farlow  Christiana Farlow  Harriet Farlow  James Farlow   Robert Farlow (b1778)    Robert Farlow (b1817)   Susannah Farning/Brookshaw   William Farthing   Ann Farthing    Ann Fay  Alexander Ferrier  Catherine Ferrier  Joseph Fidden   Elizabeth Finnamore   Jane Finnamore  Peter Finnamore/Phinemore   George Fisher  Andrew Fitzsimmons/Keogh   Elizabeth%20Fleming   George Fleming   Henry Flemming   John Henry Fleming   Joseph Fleming   Mary Ann Fleming   Mary Flocktongan   George Freeman   James Freeman   John Freeman   Lucy Freeman   Thomas Freeman   William Freeman   William Freeman (2)  John Frost   Mary Frost   Johanna Tuso/Tuzo/Golsby   Priscilla Tuso/Tuzo/Golsby   Rebecca Golsby   James Gosper  Jane Gosper   John Gosper  Joseph Gosper  Thomas Gosper jnr  Thomas Roker Alexander Gosper  Charles Green   Elizabeth Green   Thomas Green   Thomas Green (b1803)   William Green  Francis Greentree  George Greentree  Henry Greentree  Henry Greentree jnr  Jane Greentree  Jane Greentree jnr   Mary Greenwood   Ann Hackett   Elizabeth Hall  Mary Harding   James Proctor Harrex   Eliza Hartigan   Margaret Hartigan  Susannah Marsden Hassall   Ann/Hannah Hawkins   David Hawkins   Eleanor Hawkins   Mary Hawkins   Thomas Hawkins   Martha Haynes   William Hazelwood  John Herps   Julianna Hibbins Charlotte Hibbard  Elizabeth Hibbard  Esther Hibbard  Jane Hibbard  John Hibbard  Mary Hibbard  Sophia Hibbard  William Hibbard  William Hibbard snr  George Hibbs   Richard Hibbs   Sarah Hibbs   Mary Ann Hipwell  Mary Hitchen  Margaret Holmes  Elizabeth Holt  Esther Holt  John Holt  Joseph Holt  Joshua Holt  Mary Ann Holt  Mary Hook   Elizabeth Hopper  Mary Horrell  Hugh Hughes    Ann Humm   Daniel Humm   George Humm   Jane Matilda Humm  Mary E Humm  Susannah Humm  Mary Humphries  Thomas Huxley jnr   George Ibbotson   John Innis/Ennis/Ennes    Ann James   Elizabeth James   James James   John James   Rosetta James   Samuel James   Samuel James Junior   William James   William Jenkins   Ann Jennings  Catherine Jennings  David Jennings   Alexander Johnston   Blanche Johnston   George Johnston  Sophia Johnston   Benjamin Jones   Elizabeth Jones   James Jones   Jane Jones   John Jones   Robert Jones   William Jones   Henry Kable Junior   John Kellick   Mary Chiswell/Kennedy  John Kentwell   Elizabeth Kirby  Elizabeth or Betty Kirshaw   James Knell   Robert Lack   Mary Lakeman   Ann Lane   John Lane   Lucy Lane   Hannah Lawrence/Davies   Mary Ann Lawrence  Sarah Laycock  Elizabeth Lee  William Lewes  Henry Lewis   James Lewis  Louisa Lewis   Mary Ann Lewis   Richard Lewis   Richard Lewis (2)  
Alfred Luttrell  Mary Lynch  
Samuel McAlister   Thomas McAlister  Sarah McAlpin  Thomas McCormick  Eleanor McDonald   Catherine Maceray   Mary Madden   Ann Marsden  George Marsden  Henry Marsden  Margaret Marsden  William Massagora  Elizabeth Maun  Martha Maun  Joseph Maund   Edward Merrick   John Merrick   Caroline Middleton  Jane Mills   John Mills   Jane Mitchell  Mary Mobbs   Edward Moore   Joseph Moore   Mary Ellen Moore   Robert Moore   Mary Ann Morey   Eleanor Morley   George Morley   Joseph Parker Morley   Ester Morris   James Morris   Jane Morris   Rebecca Moss   Charlotte Moulds   John Moulds  Simon Moulds   Simon Moulds (b1805)   Susannah Moulds   James Neal     Jane Nelson    John Nichols    John Nicholson    Harriet Nicholson   Ann Nowland   Edward Nowland  Elizabeth Nowland  Henry Nowland   Mary Nowland  Michael Nowland snr   Hugh O'Donnell   Ann Ogle  Catherine Ogle  Elizabeth Ogle  John Ogle  Thomas Ogle  William Ogle  William Ogle snr  Abbott Osborne   Mary Pardoe   JohnParks/Perkes/Sparks   Mary Partridge   Richard Partridge   Richard Partridge (2)   Elizabeth Patrick   Charlotte Patrick     John Richard Patrick  Robert Stanton Pettit   Mary Phillips  Alexander Philp/Phelp   Emanuel Pintox   John Piper  Susannah Pitt  Harriet Poole or Fairweather   Margaret Poole      Robert Potts   Morgan Power   Elizabeth Prentice   John Prentice   Mary Prentice   Sarah Prentice    William Prentice   Ann Pugh   John Pugh  Elizabeth Pye  James Pye  Jane Pye  John Pye jnr  John Pye snr   Joseph Pye jnr  Joseph Pye snr  Mary Pye  Sarah Pye  Thomas Pye   Ann Rafter  Martha Rafter  William Rafter snr   Hannah Railton   Bartholomew Reardon    Anne Reffin   Archibald Reynolds/Sterling  Elizabeth Reynolds/Sterling   George Reynolds   George Reynolds/Sterling  Jane Reynolds/Sterling
Hannah Beal Reynolds/Sterling  Richard Beal Reynolds  Richard Reynolds/Sterling  Sarah M Reynolds/Sterling  William Reynolds  William Reynolds/Sterling  Elizabeth Richards  Thomas Richards  Elizabeth Richardson  Henry Richardson jnr  Henry Richardson snr  
Matthew Richardson   Susannah Richardson/Cross   Elizabeth Riley  
Mary Ann Roberts  Margaret Rogan   John Rogan   John Rogan (2)   Sarah Rogan   Susannah Rogan Jane Rollinson   Matilda Jane Rollinson  Thomas Rollinson   Elizabeth Rose   George William Rose   Henry Rose   James H Rose   John Rose   John Rose (b1816)   Joshua Rose   Keziah Rose   Mary Rose   Mary Ann Rose   Richard Rose   Sarah Rose   Sarah Rose (b1813)    Thomas Rose (b1749)   Thomas Rose (b1773)   Thomas Rose (b1781)   William Nelson Rose   Clara Saunders  Ann Seymour   George Seymour   James Seymour   Thomas Seymour   Agnes Shales   Mary Ann Sheers  Elizabeth Shelley  George Shelley  Lucy Shelley  Mary Ann Shelley  Rowland John Shelley  William Shelley  William Shelley snr   Elizabeth Sherringham   James Sherringham   Mary Ann Sherringham   Phoebe Sherringham   Robert Sherringham   Eleanor Sherwin  Eliza Sherwin  Elizabeth Sherwin  George Sherwin  John Sherwin  Mary Sherwin  Sarah Sherwin  William Sherwin jnr  William Sherwin snr  Ann Sherwood   Hannah Sherwood   John Sherwood  Joseph Sherwood   Mary Sherwood   Sarah Sherwood   Esther Short   Benjamin Singleton   Benjamin Singleton (b1817)   Elizabeth Singleton   Hannah Singleton   James Singleton (b1777)   James Singleton (b1814)   Joseph Singleton   Henry Singleton   Mary Singleton   Sarah Singleton   William Singleton (b1815)   Ann Smith   Charlotte Smith   Jeremiah Smith (2)   John Smith   Joseph Smith  Mary Smith (b1781)  Mary Smith (b1794)   Sophia Smith   Thomas Smith   James Somerville   Margaret Southern/Sutherland Martha Squire  Elizabeth Stallard  Mary Stallard   Thomas Stephens/Stevens   Elizabeth Sterling  Charlotte Storer    Eliza Streeter  Mary Ann Stubbs   Mary Ann Sullivan   Ann Summerell   Charles Summerell  Charles Summerell Junior    George Summerell   William Summerell   Rebecca Sunderland 
Frances Sarah Taber   James Taber   Elizabeth (Betty) Taylor   Elizabeth Tebbutt  Elizabeth Thomas   Sarah Field/Thomas   Andrew Thompson   Charles Tompson/Thompson   Samuel Thorley   Elizabeth M Thorn   Humphrey Thorn jnr   John Thorn snr  Mary Thorn  Humphrey Thorn snr   James E G Thorn  James Thorn 1  James Thorn 2  John W Thorn  William Thorn snr   Jane Topp  William Townsend   William Townsend  Ann Trainer  Catherine Trainer   James Trainer   Patrick Trainer   Ann Treble   William Tristram  Elizabeth R Tuckwell  Richard Tuckwell 2  William Tuckwell  William H Tuckwell   Ann Turner   Eleanor Turner   Joseph Tuso/Tuzo   Mary Underhill   Joseph Samuel Varney  Elizabeth Voller   Francis Walker  John Walker   Sarah (Blaxland) Walker   William Walker  Richard Wall   John Walthow   Elizabeth Ward   Ann Warwick/Billett   Elizabeth Watts   Mary Webb   Mary Welbourne  William Wells   Maria Jane Wheeler  James Whelan   Elizabeth Wicker   Robert Wicks   John Wild   Ann Wildgrass  James Wildgrass  Judith Wildgrass  Mary Wildgrass  Richard Wildgrass  George Wilkinson   Mary Wilkinson   Robert Wilkinson   Thomas Wilkinson   Charlotte Williams  Mary Ann Williams/Eather   Mary Ann Williams (2)  Robert Williams jnr  Robert Williams snr   Thomas Joseph Williams   Edward Wills   Sarah Wills   Thomas Willis   Susannah Wilshire   Caleb Wilson   Felix Wilson  Job Wilson   Sarah Wingate   Elizabeth Woodbury  Jeremiah Woodbury   Richard Woodbury snr   Richard Woodbury (1811)    Ann/Nancy Yates