Benjamin Jones

Born: 2 December 1772 in Birmingham, Warwickshire, England.
Arrived Sydney: 14 October 1791.
Vessel: Britannia
Status: Convict
Married: Mary Ann Flemming(nee Lay) on 20 April 1796 in Sydney, N.S.W.
Died: 13 April 1837 in Hobart, Tasmania.
Buried: cApril 1837 in St. David’s Cemetery, Hobart, Tasmania.
Father: John Jones
Mother: Elizabeth Boraston

Before the Macquarie era the following children were born to Benjamin and Mary Ann:
Elizabeth born 1 April 1797.
John born 14 July 1799.
James born 14 January 1803.
Benjamin born 18 April 1804.
Robert born October 1809.

Before the Macquarie era: On 3 April 1789 Benjamin was convicted and transported on the Britannia in the 3rd Fleet. He was pardoned and in 1796 he married Mary Ann Flemming, the widow of Joseph Flemming, a sergeant in the NSW Corps. Benjamin and Mary and Mary’s 3 children moved to Mulgrave Place on the Hawkesbury River to work a grant of land received by Henry Flemming, Mary’s son. This is believed to be the first grant of land to an Australian born citizen. Benjamin and Mary had 5 children, the first born in Sydney in 1797, and the remaining 4 born at the Hawkesbury between 1799 and 1809.

During the Macquarie era: Benjamin (one of the first settlers at Mulgrave Place now Pitt Town on the Hawkesbury) had been farming wheat and maize on his land grants in the Pitt Town area since 1796. In 1806 his name appeared on an address of welcome to Governor Bligh. In 1815 Benjamin, his wife and 5 children left Sydney on the Sydney Packet to return to England where one of his children died. In 1816 the family returned from England and went to Van Diemen’s Land where Benjamin received a grant of land in Hobart and in 1817 he was operating a store supplying materials to the public and to Government stores. He also started grazing activities in the Oatlands and Jericho areas and supplied meat to the Commissariat. He was also still exporting grain from his farms at Pittwater. An 1822 Census recorded Benjamin and his son Robert at one of their stock huts in the Jericho area.

After the Macquarie era: In 1823 Benjamin became one of the foundation shareholders of the VDL Bank and was recorded as owning 2,128 acres of land. He died in Hobart on 13 April 1837and was buried at St. David’s Cemetery. This cemetery was later converted to St. David’s Park and headstones for Benjamin and his wife Mary are now in a wall surrounding this park.

Contributed by Dorothy Jones.

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