David Allan

Born: 27th July 1779, Edinburgh, Scotland.
Arrived Sydney: (1) 11th June 1813. (2) 19th August 1829.
Vessel: (1)Fortune. (2) Prince Regent.
Status: CF.
Married: (1) Sophia Johnston, 30th August 1797, Edinburgh, Scotland.
             (2) Elizabeth Rennie, 14th June 1826, Edinburgh, Scotland.
Occupation: Deputy Commissar-General. 
Died: 26th April 1852, Sydney, N.S.W.
Buried: Devonshire St. Cemetery, Sydney then Rookwood N.S.W.
Father: Andrew Allan.
Mother: Mary Blair.

Before the Macquarie era the following children were born to David & Sophia:-
Andrew born 18th August 1798.
David Hendrie born 6th April 1800.
Robert Innes born 9th March 1801.
Henry Johnston born 1st June 1803.
Henry Blair Watson born 26th October 1804.
Sophia born c1805.
John McMahon born c1808.
William Osborne born c1810.
Maria Antoinette born c1812.

During the Macquarie era, in 1813, David arrived in the Colony with his wife Sophia & 8 children.
The following children were born in the Colony:-
George Octavius born c1817.
Erskine Johnston born 27th June 1818.

During the Macquarie era the Sydney Gazette reported that "in 1816 thieves broke into to home of deputy commissar-general , Mr Allen of Woolloomooloo, and made off with a stack of his possessions, including two dozen table knives with ivory handles embossed with pelican crests, a blue coat with a yellow collar and buttons similarly embosed, a yellow waistcoat with buttons also similarly embosed, a tablecloth, cheese, tree pounds sterling in Spanish dollars, Bank of England currency, including 15 shillings, three pounds sterling and 10 shillings in copper. The superintendent of police, Darcy Wentworth, said there was reason to believe a runway servant of Mr Allen ,a Yorkshire mam named Bradley, was responsible. A reward was offered: £10 for information, leading to the conviction of the culprit, and £2 for information that lead to the detention of Mr Bradley."

At the end of the Macquarie Era, David & Sophia appear to have left & returned to the British Isles where Sophia died in 1821 in London, England. David married Elizabeth Rennie on14th June 1826 in Edinburgh, Scotland. Their son, Maxwell Rennie was born on 17th October 1827 in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Not found in the 1822 & 1823,24,25 Musters or the 1828 Census.

After the Macquarie Era David, Elizabeth & their son, Maxwell arrived in the Colony on 19th August 1829 on board Prince Regent. Their daughter, Elizabeth Janet was born in Sydney in c1831.

David Allan, age74, died in 1852 and was buried from St Andrew’s Scots Church, Sydney – V1852 2599 102 & V1852 313 106.

Researched &submitted by Association member, F O’Donnell.

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