Henry Flemming/Fleming

Born: 18 August 1791 on board the William and Ann in Sydney Cove, N.S.W.
Status: Free, born in the colony
Married: Elizabeth Hall on 18 February 1810 in Colo, N.S.W.
Died: 11 December 1838 at Wiseman’s Ferry, N.S.W.
Father: Joseph Flemming (Sergeant in the NSW Corps).
Mother: Mary Ann Lay.

Before the Macquarie era the following children were born to Henry and Elizabeth:
Joseph born 1811.
George born 1813.
John Henry born 1816.
Mary Ann born 1817.
Elizabeth born 1820.

After the Macquarie era the following children were born to Henry and Elizabeth:
Margaret born 1823.
Elizabeth born 1825.
Jane born 1830.
Henry born 1833.
Frances born 1834.

Before the Macquarie era:
Henry’s parents Joseph and Mary Flemming sailed to Sydney on the William and Ann as part of the Third Fleet. Joseph was a Sergeant in the NSW Corps. Henry was born on board the ship 10 days before they landed in Sydney Cove on 28 August 1791. Joseph died in 1795 and in 1796 Mary married Benjamin Jones. In 1794, 30 acres of land was granted to Henry Flemming. This grant is believed to be the first land granted to an Australian born citizen. It was not activated until 1796 when Benjamin Jones moved the family to Mulgrave Place (Pitt Town). The names of Henry Fleming and Benjamin Jones both appear on the monument at Windsor which commemorates the early settlers in the area.

During the Macquarie era:
In 1810 Henry was farming in the Pitt Town area with his step-father Benjamin Jones. They farmed what is believed to be the first land grant to an Australian born citizen. Henry had married in 1810 and he and his wife Elizabeth had 10 children. When Benjamin Jones went to England in 1815, Henry farmed his own land and Benjamin’s as well. Around 1815 Henry and his father-in-law, George Hall built the Blighton Inn (Later the Macquarie Arms) in Pitt Town. This inn was built on Henry’s town block and the remains were still standing in 2011. In 1817 Henry rescued a woman and 2 children from floodwaters. In 1819 Henry lost the Inn licence and decided to leave the colony and advertised for sale his own and the Jones farm. However he changed his mind and instead expanded his interests. During the 1820s Henry seemed to have dropped the second m from his name.

After the Macquarie era:
In 1834 Records show further land grants to Henry at MacDonald River and later at Wiseman’s Ferry. His sons moved into the Hunter Valley and the Liverpool Plains and to the Darling Downs in Queensland. Henry’s eldest son Joseph was at one time MLA for West Moreton in Queensland. Another son John Henry ended his days as Church Warden of St. John’s Church at Wilberforce. Elizabeth Fleming died on 5 February 1834 shortly after the birth of her last child. Henry died on 11 December 1838 at Wiseman’s Ferry aged only 48.

Contributed by Dorothy Jones.    

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