Henry Kable Junior

Born: 17th February 1786 in Norwich Castle Gaol, Norfolk, England
Arrived: 26th January 1788
Vessel: Charlotte.
Status: Free.
Occupation: Mariner
Died: 13th May 1852.
Buried: Vanderville in the graveyard of St Matthew's Church, The Oaks.
Father: Henry Kable.
Mother: Susannah Holmes.

Henry was 15 months old and listed as "Henry Holmes" when he left England with his parents on the First Fleet transport 'Friendship'.
He and his mother were transferred to the 'Charlotte' at Cape Town. He survived the voyage and although described by the Reverend
Johnson as of a weakly constitution, soon grew into a healthy child.

 He was called "Harry" by his parents and was attending school in Sydney when his father wrote to Harry's grandmother in November
1788. The following month on 5th December, Harry was baptised with his new born sister Diana Kable. From an early age Harry
worked for his father in the sealing grounds and later as master of his father's trading vessels, voyaging to the Pacific Islands, Asia, India,
Cape of Good Hope and England.

On his return from a voyage to China and England he bought the 'Geordy' in partnership with his brother-in-law, William Gaudry for the
pork trade in Tahiti and local trade on the Hawkesbury.

In 1810, Harry sought to buy muskets for his crew on a voyage to Otaheite (Tahiti). There, he would have exchanged the muskets for
sandalwood, which he would exchange in India for spirits to be brought back to the Colony and sold for a handsome profit.

Harry never married. In 1812, while master of the 'Endeavour' he was charged with having "brought from the island of Bolla Bolla three
female natives of the Society Islands, contrary to the legislation of the colony
" On 22nd September 1822, Harry and his brother Charles
Kable were found guilty of "assaulting Thomas Wood, a constable at Windsor in the execution of his duty". Three weeks later they were
sentenced to pay a fine of 10 pounds and discharged.

Harry was still sailing as late as 14th February, 1834 when the Sydney Gazette reported: Captain Kable of the Earl of Durham sailed for the
Bay of Islands (New Zealand). After retirement he lived with his father at Pitt Town, and then moved to The Cowpastures to help manage
Vanderville, the property of his niece Emmaline Wild, daughter of his sister Diane and William Gaudry. He died on and was buried at
Vanderville in the graveyard of St Matthew's Church, The Oaks.

The First Fleet plaque at the head of his grave was placed by The Fellowship of First Fleeters.

Contribution received from Association Member, Sharon Lamb on 7th July 2011.

'Damned Rascals? A Chronicle of Henry & Susannah Kable 1764 1846' by Paul Kable & June Whittaker.


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