John Frost

Born: c1792 in Exeter, Devon, England.

Arrived Sydney
: 11th June 1813.
Vessel: Fortune.
Married: 1. Elizabeth Hull on the 25th December 1820 at St Luke's Church, Liverpool, N.S.W.
              2. Mary Ann Mead/e on the 2nd July1829 in
              3. Louise Pichon on the 8th June 1840 at St Peters Church of England, Campbelltown, N.S.W
              4. Jessie Gordon on 4th February 1847 at St Peters Church of England, Campbelltown, N.S.W
Died: 13th May 1847 at Waterloo, N.S.W.
Buried: 15th May 1847 at Rookwood Cemetery, N.S.W.

During the Macquarie era John and Elizabeth had the following child:-
Mary born 4th October1821 at Airds, N.S.W.

Following the Macquarie era John and Elizabeth had the following children:-
Hannah born c1823;
Margaret born c1826.

Following the Macquarie era John and Mary Ann had the following children:-
Ellen born c1830, died 1830;
John born c1831;
Ellen born c1833;
Thomas born c1835;
William born c1838, died c1839.

Following John's arrival in Sydney he was assigned to Elizabeth Macarthur at Parramatta and by 1818 he was assigned to an employer at 'There & Nowhere'. John was granted a Ticket of Leave on the 20/11/1818. He then moved to the Campbelltown area and on the 2/10/1820 banns were published at St. Luke's Church, Liverpool for his marriage to Elizabeth Hull, born in the colony in 1803. However the banns were published under the name of Edward Frost. In the 1822 & 1825 Muster he was a landholder at Bunbury Curran however in 1827 Elizabeth died and John and his 3 infant children moved to the farm of his wife's grandmother, Elizabeth Wild at her Aird's property 'Egypt's Farm. In 1829 he married Mary Ann Mead who died in 1838, and in the same year on the 1/12/1838 he received a conditional Pardon. In 1840 he married for the third time to Louise Pichon who died in 1846 and John married for the fourth and last time in 1849 to Jessie Gordon. During these years he remained on 'Egypt Farm'.

In 1851 he was on the electoral rolls as living at Appin as a freehold landholder. John died at his daughter Mary's Waterloo home in 1874. His children were Mary, Hannah & Margaret from his first marriage and Ellen b.1830 died 1830, John b.1831, Ellen b.1833, Thomas b.1835, William b.1838 and died 1839 from his second marriage, his third & fourth marriages had no issue.

Contributed by Association Member, Hazel Punton.

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