John Innis/Ennis/Ennes

Born: c1762 in Essex County, England.
Arrived Sydney: 11th March 1803.
Vessel: Glatton.
Status: Convict, transported for life.

Common Wife: Ann Lane.
Died: 30th June 1842.
Buried: c1842 Wesleyan Section, Devonshire Street Cemetery, Sydney.

Mother :

Prior to the Macquarie era the following child was born to John and Ann:-
John Lane born 30th September 1809.

John Innis, Ennis or Ennes was born about 1762 in Essex County, England and with George Ennes pleaded not guilty to break and enter the premises of Joshua Waldon and stealing 56 yards of linen valued at 5 pounds and 12 shillings. Also 15 yards of cotton valued at 22 shillings, 15 pairs of breeches valued at 6 pounds, 55 yards of ferret, valued at 3 pounds 14 shillings and 9 pence. George was found guilty and sentenced to seven years.

John was found guilty of stealing two sacks of rubble, valued at 16 shillings and 6 pence, the property of John Story. Ferret is stout cotton or silk tape. Rubble is waste fragments of stone, brick etc. from old houses used as fill in for walls.

John was found guilty and sentenced to be hanged by the neck until dead. This was later reprieved and sentenced to transportation for life. He arrived in the colony on the convict ship "Glatton" 11 March 1803 and was assigned to the Parramarta area. By 1806 he was working as John Inns with his ticket of leave. He moved to Sydney, where he apparently took up with Ann Lane not long after her arrival in Sydney on 15 November 1808. They had a son John Lane and this was the start of the Lane family in Australia.

The 1811 muster shows him as John Ennis and in Sydney. He was still there in 1814, shown as John Innis a shopkeeper and off Government stores, fully supporting himself. On 31 January he was issued with his conditional pardon in Sydney. The 1822 Muster shows him as John Ennis, a householder in Sydney with his pardon, as he still is in 1825 and 1828 census when he was shown
as being 66 years of age and in his house in Pitt Street, Sydney..

He died 30th June 1842 in Sydney and buried at the Wesleyan Cemetery in Sydney that is now Central Railway Station. His remains were re-interred at Gore Hill Cemetery.

Submitted by Association Member, Ken Brice.

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