John Thorn snr

Born: c.1794
Arrived Sydney:
Status: BC
Married: Jane M Humm, 1815, Parramatta
Occupation: Chief Constable
Died: ?1838, Parramatta
Father: Humphrey Thorn
Mother: Rebecca Richards

Before the Macquarie era John, the son of Humphrey & Rebecca was baptized at St John’s CE, Parramatta – V1794 320 1A & V1794 79 148

During the Macquarie era, on 11 May 1814 John was paid from the Police Fund for the hire of 6 carts to convey prisoners who arrived on the ‘Ocean’ to their various destinations. In August & November 1816 he was again paid from the Police Fund for cart hire for the Government. On 21 February 1818 he received horned cattle from the Government herds. On the same day he exchanged a draft mare for 3 bullocks from Major Druitt. In June 1818 he was again paid from the Police Fund for Government cartage. On 1 June 1820 John sent a Memorial to the Col Sec.###

John married Jane M Humm at St John’s CE, Parramatta – V1815 1864 3A
Their children were:
John W 1817
James 1819
Mary 1819

After the Macquarie era their children were William 1823, Daniel H 1825, Jane M 1827, George H 1829, Elizabeth R 1831, Isabella S A 1834 & Isaac 1836

On 18 July 1822 John was a signatory to a memorial from the inhabitants & stockholders of Parramatta re common land on the Sydney road known as the Dog Traps. In 1823 he received 3 permits to procure cedar from the Illawarra District. On 15 March 1823 John sent a memorial for land between the Hawkesbury road & Castle Hill & on 19 October sent another memorial for land in the District of Parramatta. In May & June 1824 he sent memorials for land at Bathurst & on 3 July was on a list of lands granted & reserved by Sir Thomas Brisbane. On 20 August & 31 October 1825 he sent memorials for land at Goulburn Plains. In November 1825 he was on a list of persons who had received orders for grants of land. There are many more references mostly pertaining to his work as Constable up till 27 December 1825###

1822 Muster: Thorn, John, BC, Constable, Parramatta

1823,24,25 Muster: Thorn, John, BC, Constable, Parramatta

1828 Census: John Thorn, 35, BC, Protestant, Chief Constable, living at Parramatta with Jane Matilda, John jnr 11, James 9, Mary 7, William Joseph 5, Deniel Humphrey 3 & Jane Matilda 1
?John Thorn died 1838, age 45 – St John’s CE, Parramatta – V1838 2779 22

Researched & submitted by Association member F O’Donnell

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