John Wild

Baptism: 12th August 1764 at Manchester, England.
Arrived: 2nd June 1797.
Vessel: Ganges.
Status: Convict.
Married: Elizabeth.
Buried: 8th July 1818 at St. John's Cemetery, Parramtta, N.S.W.

John Wild was sentenced to 7 years transportation for theft at the Salford Assizes on the 22nd January 1794.
He was transferred to the hulk 'Stanislaus' by the 22nd February 1794 where he remained until he was
transferred to the 'Ganges'.

The 'Ganges' sailed towards the end of 1796, John's wife Elizabeth, their daughter Mary who had been baptised on the 22nd January 1786 at Manchester
and his stepdaughter Elizabeth accompanied him. Also on board was a Joseph Wild who had been sentenced at Chester on the 28th September 1792
and always lived in close proximity to John. I believe they were brothers as John had a brother Joseph who was several years younger than him.
In 1799 John was living at the brickfields and together with Joseph Wild, they were convicted of a colonial offence and were sentenced to 50 and 100 lashes respectively,
plus 3 to 6 months in the gaol gang.

By 1802 John was on Norfolk Island, and Joseph became a guide to well known colonial explorers. John remained on Norfolk Island for several years before signing on
with a sealing gang and travelling to the Penantipodes Island, when following completion of the contract,there was insufficient space on the vessel returning the crew and skins to Sydney.
He and one other remained on the island for 18 months before returning to Sydney in early 1807

In 1810 John was living at Richmond, at times he and his wife cared for their 2 grandchildren; by 1816 he had received a land grant at Airds which he named Egypt Farm, present day St. Helen's Park.
His wife Elizabeth and the grandchildren remained on the farm and Elizabeth was buried on the 14th April 1838 at St. Peter's Church, Campbelltown, N.S.W.

Contributed by Association Member, Hazel Punton.

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