Richard Beel Reynolds

Born: 19 November 1769 at Poplar, London, England.
Arrived Sydney: 20 Aug 1791.
Vessel: Atlantic.
Status: Convict, 7 years transportation.
Married: (1) Mary Ann Hipwell.
              (2) Elizabeth Sterling.
Died: 26 August 1837 at Wilberforce, N.S.W.
Buried: 29 August 1837 at St. John’s, Wilberforce, N.S.W.
Father: Thomas Reynolds.
Mother: Hannah Beal.

Prior to the Macquarie era the following child was born to Richard and Mary Ann Hipwell:
Edward born 26 May 1794 in Sydney, N.S.W.

Prior to the Macquarie era the following children were born to Richard and Elizabeth Sterling:
Thomas born cAugust 1801.
William born 29 April 1804.
Hannah Beal born c1806.
Catherine born 28 September 1808.

During the Macquarie era the following children were born to Richard and Elizabeth Sterling:
Richard born 7 April 1810.
James born 13 March 1812.
Elizabeth born 26 July 1813.
George born 7 July 1815.
Sarah Matilda born 13 May 1816.
Archibald born 5 June 1819.
Jane born 26 April 1821.

Richard Beel Reynolds was committed for trial on the 19th April 1788. He was charged with stealing 324 pounds weight of lead upwards of the value of fifty shillings, and one pair of Cotton Stockings value one shilling. He was convicted and sentenced to seven years transportation, arriving on the Third Fleet vessel Atlantic 20 August 1791. Richard first appears in Colonial records as the father of Edward, his son to Mary Ann Hipwell. Richard possibly came to the Hawkesbury with his elder brother Edward. This proved to be a fateful decision, for Mary Hipwell was to desert him for Thomas Gosper prior to 1798. By 1802 Richard is renting a ten acre farm at Mulgrave Place with a child and Sarah Sterling. Richard and Sarah had eleven children.

In August 1804 he was on a list of grants & leases in the Colonial Secretary's office and in June 1809 his children were put on stores after the Hawkesbury flood.###

During the Macquarie era in January 1810 Richard sent a Memorial to the Colonial Secretary.###

After the Macquarie era in April 1822 he was to act permanently as District Constable for Upper & Lower Wilberforce assisted by his son, William.

In the 1822 Muster, Richard Reynolds is listed as being free by servitude, a Landholder at Windsor, N.S.W.

The 1823,24,25 Muster has Richard recorded as being free by servitude, a District Constable in Wilberforce, N.S.W.

Richard was not found in the 1828 Census, he died in 1837, aged 67; his death was recorded at the Church of England, Wilberforce, N.S.W. – V1837 2622 21

Researched & submitted by Association member, F O’Donnell.

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