Richard Lewis

Born: c1770, Cuxton, Kent, England.
Arrived Sydney: 13th June 1802.
Vessel: Coromandel.
Status: convict.
Married: Mary Ann Roberts in c1825 at St James Church of England, Sydney, N.S.W.
Died: 25 Jan 1828 Bathurst, N.S.W.
Buried: 25th January 1828 in the Parish of Kelson, in the County of Roxburgh, N.S.W.
Father: William Lewis.
Mother: Mary Lewis.

During the Macquarie era the following children were born to Richard and Mary Ann:-
James (Richard) born 30th August 1810 in Sydney, N.S.W.
Mary A born 2nd August 1812 in Richmond N.S.W.
Henry born 19th June 1814 in Richmond N.S.W.
Richard born c1815 in Richmond N.S.W.
Louisa born 16th February 1817 in Richmond N.S.W.
William born 16th January 1822 in Richmond N.S.W.

After the Macquarie era the following child was born to Richard and Mary Ann:-
Elizabeth Ester born c1824 in Richmond N.S.W.

Richard Lewis was sentenced to 7 years transportation, at Surrey in 1800, departing Spithead on 12 February 1802 aboard Coromandel, he arrived at Port Jackson a day over four moths later.
George Hall, in his Journal of the voyage of the Coromandel recorded on March 7th "very calm and sultry wind variable a prisoner (sic) accused of attempting to encite a mutiny was examined
a father heard about it only double ironed. Four prsners (sic) had their irons knokd (sic) Quite off. Vis Harris Richd Addams R. Lewis Chanker - Cape Verd Island seen from the mast head..."

Richard claimed to Commissioner Bigge his term had expired in 1807 however he received his Certificate of Emancipation on 1st February 1811, some 9 years after his departure from England.
Perhaps his term was extended because of the episode aboard Coromandel.

Lewis was assigned to George Evans at his Mulgrave Place property; an association which led to him accompanying Evans on his 1813 journey Crossing the Blue Mountains and exploring the
Western Plains.. Richard had commenced an association with Mary Ann Roberts, which resulted in six children from 1810 to 1824, before they married at St James Church of England, Sydney
in 1825. Richard and Mary Ann swore on oath that they had entered into a contract to marry, in affidavits to the Colonial Secretary on 29th December 1824.

Lewis went with William Cox, as superintendent on the construction of the New Road and was rewarded with the position of Superintendent and Overseer of Bathurst. He assisted Oxley in the
1817 and 1818 expeditions in establishing the Lachlan depot, west of present day Cowra and the Wellington Vale depot, on the Macquarie River an continued his association with Cox at Bathurst.
This association saw him mentioned before the Bigge Inquiry where evidence indicated Cox was not only guilty of misappropriating labour, stock, property, stores and materials but also of
recommending an excess of pardons for convicts.

In 1824 Major Morrisett, Commandant at Bathurst, advised the Colonial Office that David Brown of "Tellicherry" and Richard Taylor "Eliza" had been murdered at Samuel Terry & Richard Lewis'
stations some 16 miles north of Bathurst. The same year Lewis gave evidence of these murders in the trial of John Johnston, William Clarke, John Nicholson, Henry Castles and John Crear, charged
with manslaughter following and assault on an aboriginal black woman, which terminated in death. These killings did not discourage Lewis as he applied for the purchase of 1000 acres, held under
certificate of occupancy, at Capita, north of Bathurst, for the pasturing of some 110 horned cattle and 1100 sheep, on order that he could provide for his wife and 6 children. William Cox supported his
application to the extent that he recommended he be allowed 2000 to 3000 acres. Richard and Mary Ann's married life was to be short lived; Richard died in 1828. However with a sizeable land holding
and similar holding of stock Mary Ann soon found a new companion; marrying James Evans, at Church of England Kelso in the following year. When Lewis landed in the colony just after the turn of the
century he could not have dreamt that he would flourish as he had.
By E.V. (Tim) Crampton, Lake Tyers Beach, Victoria.

Contributed by Graeme Rowe. Graeme would welcome contact with any of the LEWIS family descendants please contact the Association by email for Graeme's contact details.

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