Robert Batman

Born: c.1795
Arrived Sydney: 2 Jun 1797
Vessel: Ganges
Status: CF
Married: Eleanor Turner, 1819, Parramatta
Occupation: Stockholder, Carter, Constable
Died: ?1867, Parramatta
Father: William Batman
Mother: Mary Mobbs

?Before the Macquarie era Robert arrived in the Colony on the ‘Ganges’ with his parents & sister, Ann

During the Macquarie era On 21 February 1818 Stock was issued to Robert in payment for horses for Oxley’s expedition. On 9 August & 29 October 1819 he was a juror at both inquests. In June 1820 he sent a memorial. On 13 October 1821 he was employed by Henry Kitchen of Sydney as a carter for the procurement of cedar from the District of Illawarra. On 13 November Robert gave evidence in a case against John Hodges, a licensed publican & on 4 December he was Deputy to the Chief constable at Parramatta.###

Robert married Eleanor Turner at St John’s CE, Parramatta – V1819 2317 3A
Their children were:
Margaret S 1819
Mary A 1821

After the Macquarie era their children were William R 1823, John R 1825, Euphine M N 1827, Eliza 1831 & Thomas 1833

In March 1822 Robert was on account of cedar furnished for the use of the Government at Windsor & Emu Plains. On 20 June he resigned as constable & on 3 July sent a memorial for land at the Derwent. On 18 July he was a signatory to a memorial from the inhabitants 7 stockholders of Parramatta re common land on the Sydney road known as Dog Traps. Between 30 September 1822 & 30 September 1823 Robert was on lists of persons to whom convict mechanics had been assigned. On 5 April 1823 he was on a return of allotments in the town of Parramatta. On 28 June 1825 he sought permission to withdraw his tender for the supply of salt beef. In October & November 1825 Robert was on lists of persons liable to serve as jurors at Parramatta or Liverpool###

1822 Muster: Bateman, Robert, BC, Shopkeeper, Parramatta with 1 unnamed child

1823,24,25 Muster: Bateman, Robert, CF, Ganges 1797, Housekeeper, Parramatta with Mary 4 & William 1

1828 Census: Robert Batman, 33, CF, Protestant, Ganges 1797, Stockholder, living at Parramatta with Eleanor, Mary A 7, William Richard 5, John Robert 3 & Euphemia Maria 1
?Robert Bateman died 1867 at Parramatta, age 71 – 1867 7055

Researched & submitted by Association member F O’Donnell

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