Thomas Rose

Born: c.1773, Shropshire, England*
Arrived Sydney: 18 May 1798*
Vessel: Barwell*
Status: Convict – Life - AP
Married: 1.Elizabeth Bartlett 1806*, Sydney 2.Sarah Pye, 21 Sep 1829, Campbelltown*
Occupation: Baker & Publican,### Farmer
Died: 3 Mar 1837, Mt Gilead, NSW*
Buried: St Peter’s CE, Campbelltown*

Before the Macquarie era Thomas, age 19, was tried at Shropshire GD on 19 March 1793 & received a Life sentence***

Thomas married Elizabeth Bartlett at St Phillip’s CE, Sydney – V1806 666 3A & V1806 337 4
Their children were:
Keziah 1807
James 1808

On 22 August 1809 Thomas was on a list of all grants & leases of town allotments registered in the Colonial Secretary’s Office. He was also on a list of convicts who had received absolute pardons (1 Dec 1809)###

During the Macquarie era, on 31 January 1810 he was a Baker at the Rose & Crown, Chapell Row, Sydney; volunteer in the Loyal Association when he sent a memorial for confirmation of grant, lease & pardon. On 4 June 1810 he was a member of the Loyal Sydney Volunteer Association. In July 1810 Thomas, of Chapel Row, was issued with a licence to retail beer, ale & porter & in February 1811 received a spirit licence. There are various other items re land & licences before 13 June 1820 when Thomas sent a petition for permission to hold horse races in Sydney for two days in August. About July 1820 he was formerly of Loyal Association, Sydney when he sent a memorial. On19 February 1821 he wrote re compensation for land required as the site of the Charity School. In October 1821 Thomas sent a memorial proposing the establishment of a stage coach between Sydney and Parramatta & asking exemption from payment of tolls & exclusive right to carry mail at given rates###

After the Macquarie era, in March 1822 Thomas sought a gang of men to clear 100 acres of his land at Airds. The gang of 22 men he selected came from Woodcock’s Road Party. He received a letter explaining the new regulations for the rationing of these men. There are many more references re convicts & land up till November 1825. On 31 October 1823 Thomas was a shareholder in the Bank of New South Wales. On 4 June 1825 he sent a petition re coach services between Sydney, Parramatta, Windsor & Liverpool requesting remuneration & exemption from paying tolls.###

1822 Muster: Rose, Thomas, FBS, Barwell, Licenced Victualler, Sydney

1823,24,25 Muster: Rose, Thomas, AP, Barwell 1798, Life, Licenced Victualler, Sydney

1828 Census: Thomas Rose, 51, AP, Protestant, Barwell 1798, Farmer, living at Appin with Keziah 20 & James 19
Thomas married Sarah Pye at CE, Campbelltown, St Peter’s - V1829 4662 3B & V1829 826 13
Their children were Charles Henry J, Hannah Rebecca Pye, Alfred Marson Nash, Reuben Uther Bartlett & Sarah Elizabeth Jane*
Not found in the death index

Researched & submitted by Association member F O’Donnell

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