Thomas Stephens/Stevens

Born: c1786, County Cavan, Ireland.
Arrived Sydney: 29th July 1817.
Vessel: Pilot.
Status: Convict, 14 years transportation.
Married: (1) Margaret Scott, c1804, County Cavan, Ireland.
               (2) Catherine Larkins on the 1st November 1827 at Sydney, N.S.W.
Died: 2nd February 1850 at the Hit O’ Miss Hotel, 69 Windmill Street, Sydney, N.S.W.
Buried: 4th February 1850, Location unknown
Father: Unknown
Mother: Unknown

After the Macquarie era the following children were born to Thomas and Catherine:-
Archibald (Patrick) born c1827.
Elizabeth born c1832.
Ann born c1834.
Richard born c1835.
Thomas born c1839.
John born c1842.

Thomas married Margaret Scott in County Cavan c1804. Thomas and Margaret had 4 children, John (c1804), Richard (c1808), Elizabeth (c1811) and Thomas (c1814).

In March 1816 in County Cavan, Thomas was found guilty of passing forged notes and was sentenced to 14 years in the Penal Colony of New South Wales. Thomas was transported to Australia aboard the convict transport ship the "PILOT", which arrived in Sydney on the 29th July 1817.

The Convict Indent for the convicts aboard the PILOT, described Thomas as being 5'7" in height, Fair to Ruddy complexion, Brown hair and Hazel eyes. Thomas applied to the authorities to have his wife and children relocated to Australia to be with him. His request was denied. As the same with other convicts, Thomas did not see his family again.

The General Muster Report of 1825 showed Thomas to have a Ticket Of Leave (granted 4th September 1823) and working for John Harris of Melville, N.S.W.

On the 1st November 1827, Thomas married Catherine Larkins, a female convict from Drohegda, Ireland, by Banns Contract in Sydney (Marriage Cert No: V182739 73A JA). The 1828 Census of N.S.W. revealed Thomas and Catherine to be living in Kent Street, Sydney with baby Patrick.

On the 1st April 1830, Thomas was granted a Certificate Of Freedom (Cert No. 30/174). Thomas and Catherine had six children: Archibald (Patrick) b. 1827; Elizabeth b. 1832; Ann b. 1834; Richard b. 1835; Thomas b. 1839 and John b. 1842.

Thomas and Catherine later owned and operated the Hit Or Miss Hotel at 69 Windmill Street, Sydney. The Hotel continued to be operated by the Stevens family until approx. 1923.

The descendants of Thomas and his first wife Margaret, bear the surname, Stephens. The descendants of Thomas and Catherine bear the surname Stevens. Thomas’s son Thomas (from his first marriage to Margaret) and his new wife Catherine, immigrated to Australia (Assistance Scheme) and arrived in Port Phillip on the 27th June 1840, aboard the "Andromache". Thomas’s mother Margaret later moved to Australia and lived with Thomas and Catherine until her death at the age of 90 in 1873.

Submitted by descendant, Darren Gibson.

General Muster of NSW 1825.

Census of New South Wales - November 1828.


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