William Faithful snr

Born: c.1773
Arrived Sydney: 14 Feb 1792
Vessel: Pitt
Status: CF
Married: 1.Susannah Pitt, 1804, Parramatta 2. Margaret Thompson, 1821, Liverpool
Occupation: Private, NSW Corps###
Died: ?1847, Richmond

Before the Macquarie era William who came free per “Pitt”, 1792;Private, New South Wales Corp; was on a list of grants & leases of land registered in the Col Sec’s Office between 21 May 1797 & 1 November 1808. On 20 February 1809 he was on a return of all grants & Leases made by Lieutenant Governor Foveaux between July 1808 & January 1809. On 7 March 1809 he was on a list of claims against John Palmer as Commissary. On 24 September he was a juror at an inquest held at Richmond.### < br>
William married Susannah Pitt at St John’s CE, Parramatta – V1804 616 3A, V1804 203 4 & V1804 298 147A
Their children were:
William Pitt c.1806###
Robert 1808
During the Macquarie era their children were:
Alice 1811
George 1814

William married Margaret Thompson at St Luke’s CE, Liverpool – V1821 2839 3B

In 1810 William sent a Memorial for confirmation of his grant. In December 1810 he was a signatory to an address from the settlers of the Hawkesbury to Governor Macquarie. On 14 August 1815 he sought permission to exchange the grant in Liberty Plains district for land at South Creek & Bunbury Curran. Between 15 June & 5 August 1820 Peter McGue was tried for stealing William’s sheep. On 26 September 1821 there were affidavits re his marriage###

After the Macquarie era William received assigned convicts in 1822 & 1824. In August 1822 he was a signatory to a petition objecting to the Commissariat’s new system of paying for supplies in Spanish dollars. On 21 September 1822 & 14 June 1823 William was on lists of applicants for clearing parties. In November 1824 & April 1825 he was on a list of persons liable to serve as jurors in the District of Windsor. On 26 April 1825 he was a signatory to a memorial by magistrates, settlers & stockholders of the District of Evan praying that the common near Castlereagh, recently given to Captain King on a ticket of occupation, be returned to its former purpose. William applied for assigned servants to work on his farm in June & august 1825 & in November requested men to reap 50 acres of wheat###

1822 Muster: Faithful, William, CF, Pitt, Landholder, Windsor

1823,24,25 Muster: Faithfull, William (Snr), CF, Pitt 1792, Landholder, Richmond

1828 Census: William Faithful, 54, CF, Protestant, Pitt 1792, Landholder, living at Richmond with Margaret, George 15 & Helen E 4
William Faithfull died 1847, age 74 – CE, Richmond – V1847 735 32B & V1847 1045 157

Researched & submitted by Association member F O’Donnell

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