William Thorn snr

Born: c.1762
Arrived Sydney: 28 Jun 1790
Vessel: Scarborough
Status: Convict - Life
Married: ?Mary Stubbins, 1798, Sydney
Occupation: Constable
Died: ?1836, Sydney

Before the Macquarie era William Thorne was tried at Middlesex on 9 September 1789 & received a Life sentence - Scarborough***

?William married Mary Stubbins at St Phillip’s CE, Sydney – V1794 160 4
?Their children were:
William 1795
Joseph C H 1796
James G E 1798 or 1799*

On 28 December 1809 William was on a list of all grants & leases of town allotments registered in the Col Sec’s Office.###

During the Macquarie era, in 1810, William, a member of the Sydney Police sent a petition for mitigation of his sentence. In January 1810 he sent a memorial. On 29 December 1810 he was appointed a constable in Sydney. On 26 September & 11 October 1811William gave evidence coroner’s inquests. From1 February 1812 till 24 August 1819 his salary was paid from the Police Fund. On 1 January 1816 he was on a list of persons holding civil & military employments in New South Wales & its Dependencies; as Assistant Chief Constable. In January 1819 as Assistant to the Chief Constable he gave evidence into an enquiry of theft. William was appointed district constable on 19 October 1820 & in December gave evidence at an inquest. On 8 September 1821 William & his wife were on a list of all persons victualled from H M Magazines###

After the Macquarie era, on 24 April 1822 William was a signatory to a petition from the District Constables of Sydney for an advance in salary as remuneration for the loss of an assigned servant & in Jun e re the loss of service of his Government servant. Between 27 December 1822 & 30 August 1825 William was on the pay list of Constables employed at Sydney. In 1824 he was on a list of constables doing duty in Sydney & its environs requiring slop clothing & in May & June on lists of constables entitled to a weekly ration. On 31 December 1824 William was on a list of district 7 other constables doing duty in Sydney & its vicinity

1822 Muster: Thorn, William, CP, Scarborough, Life, Constable, Sydney

1823,24,25 Muster: Thorn, William, CP, Scarborough 1790, Life, Constable, Sydney

1828 Census: William Thorn, 66, CP, Scarborough 1790, Constable, living at Cambridge St, Sydney
?William Thorn died 1836, age 73 – St Phillip’s CE, Sydney – V1836 77 20

Researched & submitted by Association member F O’Donnell

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